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Slimming Yoga
Author:admin Time:2016-02-03

Slimming Yoga In general there are four functions, namely, conditioning, detoxification, reduced fat and beauty. Yoga posture to stretch muscles, ligaments, and create a beautiful body lines, keep slim, flexible body; focus on breathing with regulation, it has a very good medical fitness efficacy

Slimming yoga from the surface, both from a functional focus, the pursuit of weight loss stress reduction, detoxification Slim, but to truly understand the deep profound meaning of yoga is very little.


According to personal experience, lose weight is the process of harvesting of the practitioners of yoga, but not the ultimate pursuit of the goal. Leaving aside the spiritual level, to explain the relationship of diet and yoga can angle from the moving body fitness alone. The modern city almost every day, meals bought away from home, eat all the polysaccharides, more than salt, oil, processed foods, ready to absorb too much heat, plus the general lack of exercise lead to obesity, the in vivo accumulation of toxins and fat parties.


Slimming Yoga
It comes to obesity, to the number of the most common to be regarded as "edema, obesity, and many women also worry unbearable. That the body's lymphatic system in addition to the shoulder of the immune function, another main role is to use the fat and water. When toxins accumulate in vivo so that the lymph node is blocked, the body fat can not be effectively delivered to cells using the combustion, greatly slow down the body's metabolism, excess water will not be able to speed up the excreted, leading to accumulation of excessive body surface water, affect the appearance of the body.



A. Tighten the back, waist waist, lift hips, shapely legs, so that is sensitive.
Two. The flexible legs, waist, shoulder, neck, the muscles soft and elastic.
3. Elimination of the jaw, neck fat, eliminate neck fine lines.
4. Mention chest to chest tall and straight up, correction of the thoracic spine is not correct, the promotion of breast hormone secretion. Plastic side of the waist curve, the correction Tunbuxiachui.
5 To tighten the arms, minus the excess fat of the back of the shoulder lateral shoulders smooth elastic.
6. Shape flat stomach, and promote blood line, and renew the skin cells, dilute the stain.
7. Promote metabolism and circulation, the skin delicate, shiny and elastic.
8. The formation of feminine charm.

For people: office workers, lack of exercise and those dissatisfied with their own body.