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Pregnant w Slimming Y
· Pregnant women, yoga
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Pregnant women, yoga
Author:admin Time:2016-02-03


The happiest period in the woman's life than to nurture the next generation, carrying the love of crystallization also bear the physical in mental double pressure, this is asinking heart, some "homework" is necessary.
        To yoga, but also to build a safe haven for our health and the unborn baby.
        Mothers are more concerned about is yoga to reap?
         , Enhanced abdominal strength, better supporting the weight of the uterus andthe fetus, but also play the role of a solid spine.
         Through the exercise to enhance physical strength and muscle tension, strengthen the pelvic floor muscle strength, contribute to birth.
        3, to improve pliability and flexibility of the muscle tissue.
        4, enhanced endurance, strong abdominal muscles, reduce muscle separationtrend. Enhance the strength of the torso, and control pelvic tilt.
         5, and enhance the body's balance, reduce the risk of pregnant women.
         6, through the stretching and contraction of muscle, increase blood circulation.Prevention of varicose veins and leg muscle spasms.
         7, helps the body relax, improve sleep.
         8, to improve lymphatic circulation, and weight control.
         9, to improve shortness of breath during pregnancy, to help during childbirthbreathing adjustment.
         10, calm and self-help keep the prenatal calm state of mind.
         Help post-natal recovery, as soon as possible to reshape the body.
         12, good prenatal care and fetal development.

     Mothers are ready, and let us together with the awareness and the baby is linked!