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Author:admin Time:2016-05-03
Graduated in 2003 from Garden of Serenity yoga. Learn traditional hatha yoga. ToHong Kong and Singapore in September 2003 to pursue advanced studies.

 Good curriculum ----- clean intestinal courses, healthy breathing, weight lossmodeling programs, mental and physical balance programs, yoga meridians to adjust course, Kang Dali Ni meditation courses, Up-Bikram Yoga. Flow Yoga.Naturopathy courses. Prenatal and postnatal recovery. Individual to restore privateteaching.
Major corporate health lectures and counseling courses.

2008 graduated from the Beijing Bodybuilding Association all-around coach training.The main ------ yoga, pilates, belly dance, Latin, aerobics.

Teaching characteristics ------ teaching experience, the flexibility to grasp the law ofthe school in accordance with the actual situation of the Member. Teacher withpatience and love of each yoga class. Their expertise in TCM, so the class contentand health closely integrated, and more nowadays people of TCM concept of health.Willing to do everything they can to spread the yoga concept of health, make more friends fall in love with the sport, fell in love with yoga!