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Good News: Chan Xin the new curriculum, promotion, buy one g
Author:admin Time:2016-05-03
Dear members and friends:
   Chan Xin yoga to thank you all long-term support and love, specially designed for you to provide quality services to meet the needs of you practitioners in this Hall toadd new teachers every day course from August 1 to increase to five section, anotherintroduced new courses such as pilates, belly dance, folk dance, there will from time to time to promote the public courses, want to be able to bring you a wide range oflearning and pleasure of physical and mental!
   In our pre-course during the promotion period we held special short-termpromotions, buy one get one free, large concessions, a short time, preferential, I hope you act quickly, do not miss yo! ! To make you more comfortable practice,control the number of each lesson 3-15 people you do two hours before class tomake reservations in advance and cancel the lesson.
   Note: If a class does not meet the three, the Guild has the right to cancel the courseof this section