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Yoga is not equal to a miracle. 
But she does make our miracle ------ physical understanding of their habitat, from an emphasis on external beauty and the ideal figure of the world, into an inner world, where the yoga teaches us to release the body with to the force.

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What do yoga?
From the sweat, the flexibility of modeling, stress reduction, exercise, body flexibility, yoga will give us what joy?
Yoga practice gave us an exercise begins to explore opportunities to self-sacred heart from the body. Shape the only way to inner harmony in life, to make themselves closer to their minds, and open the body at the same time, we slowly open our hearts, so that we can live a in a more pure and more peaceful happy life .

Open the doors of the mind:
Shoulder open to have sufficient breathing space in our chest. The open shoulder style will help to slowly open in the process of growing in self-protection only slowly closed the door. We shut the door because of the fear of the fear of injury. But when we re-open this door, we will breathe freely, the freedom of mind and magnanimous.He slowly lay down fear at the same time, the side will have more doors open to us, so the heart is more solid.

Stimulate the potential energy:
The movement of the body and inner emotions, yoga posture and breathing technique is specifically designed to promote one of the methods of the energy flow in the meridians to increase energy flow exercise, have a huge impact on the person's emotional state, change the world by changing themselves .

Learning the art of balance:
Happiness is a choice, emotional balance is an ability; mastered this ability, we will deal with life constantly thrown balls, in every change of the moment to find the most comfortable, most natural state of equilibrium.

Acceptance and care of their own:
Yoga asana practice, we continue to accept the fact; we have unlimited potential, we need to do is to link up with the love that already exists in the body, love his natural face, but also to accept this feeling of its own .

Find the stability of their own:
All yoga posture is built on a stable and comfortable on the basis, all style of yoga and their roots to create the most solid foundation. Only to find the inner root, we will not allow external factors to affect the intrinsic solid.

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