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Consciousness into the abdominal breathing up, deep breathing, slow breath, between breath and feel the heartbeat of the gentle tranquility of the body, slow breathing, to find the smooth breathing, contemplation 
bodily sensations. Deep inspiratory breath from the nose, chest sink into the pubic region, run out of fresh oxygen, nourishing every cell of the body, slowly inhale, bring out the body all of the exhaust gas, sewage, so that all worry away from us ...

Yoga, the twenty-first century, the most suitable for the human way of life

---- Huai

You might have a future in the yoga instructor, and perhaps a deeper understanding of yoga field plans, perhaps you are just a beginner, but would like more safe and effective yoga.
We have just opened yoga teacher training course "just to meet your needs.Experienced professional coaches - selina is the head coach of the training courses. Has a wealth of teaching experience and insights to share yoga to the students, can help you took to coaching ranks faster, easier, pleasant enclosed yoga class. Here, there will be many teachers, will give all taught the students want to be able to teach down the best yoga.

In this course, you can learn:
A yoga asana fine to explain, as well as how to teach these position; 2 students will be familiar with different types of yoga and their respective characteristics; yoga anatomy and physical therapy, so you can be more secure teaching yoga classes: will be completed learning and application of breathing control and meditation techniques;
(2) learn how to achieve through yoga, healthy life to the purpose and use of yoga to solve different physical problems, such as: obesity, heart problems, high blood pressure, arthritis, constipation, insomnia, etc..
Will train skills choreography style order to respond to different students; and to grasp the basis of Ayurvedic (ayurveda) - India's medical knowledge.

Yoga teaching and communication skills, help you to yoga class more lively and effective.

Training time:

Full-time classes: (Monday to Friday) 30 days

8:00-11:00 am


Weekend Course: (15 weeks)

9:00-11:00 am

14:00-16:00 pm

Detail please telephone or in-store consultation :010 -51,734,024

Welcome to your visit! ~


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